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Moving Company Reston, VA

Moving Company Reston, VA

Are you excited to move your base to Reston but don’t know how to go about the moving process? Let Blake & Sons Moving & Storage help you with the move so that your belongings arrive safely at the destination with minimum expenses and zero fatigue.

Our local movers in Reston VA provides a whole host of moving services which include initial assessment, packing, transportation and unpacking. When it comes to packaging supplies, we recommend and use only the best because a move is only successful when each one of your belongings reaches the destination intact.

In Virginia you can also choose us for:

Are you looking for professional movers in  Reston?

Are you looking for professional movers in  Reston?

Blake & Sons Moving & Storage is a locally owned and operated brand that takes every big and small project seriously. We put our best foot forward even if it’s about moving a small room because every customer matters as much as every small success counts. We also provide a fully managed and secure storage facility where you can keep your belongings up until your new home or office space is ready to accommodate you.

All our moving projects are fully insured and supervised from start to finish to minimize errors and maximize customers’ peace of mind.

Residential and Commercial moving experts you can trust

Residential and Commercial moving experts you can trust

Blake & Sons Moving & Storage has been in the business for over 20 years, delivering excellent services to both homeowners and corporate businesses. We help our customers move their base to a new, favorable location in a timely, cost-effective and organised manner.

Still confused about choosing one amongst many moving companies in Reston VA? At Blake & Sons Moving & Storage, we give you three strong reasons to entrust your moving requirements to our capabilities.

Comprehensive service

Comprehensive service

Blake & Sons Moving & Storage provides one-stop solutions that cover everything from packing to transportation through to tracking and secure storage of your belongings. This also means that you can enjoy the convenience of dealing with one contractor throughout the process.

No job is too big or small

Every customer is important to us, no matter how much business they bring in. Allow us to scale our resources to meet your requirements within your budget.

Pay for what you get

With our tailor-made moving and storage packages, you will pay only for the resources you use. No less no more. So, even if you want to move a small room, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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