Moving a commercial business requires a lot of planning and effort. You have plenty to manage; the expenses, inform employees, change the address, figure out your moving budget, and contact moving companies. We compiled a list of 9 commercial moving mistakes. 

You Don’t Budget Correctly

Moving successfully requires proper financial planning and good preparation. This can’t be done without having enough time for the relocation. Business owners need to be patient and come up with realistic budget estimates. There are a lot of aspects to consider when calculating costs.

  • Deposits/rents for the new office
  • Estimate from the moving company
  • Utility bills
  • Miscellaneous expenses
  • A well-considered budget also plays a vital role in avoiding any problems arising from the move. A planned budget will enable you to hire quality moving services, thereby protecting your assets and avoiding potential disruption to business operations.

    Not Coordinating and Communicating Properly with Your Moving Company

    Effective communication with the moving company is the key to a successful relocation. For instance, if you live in Maryland and meet with a representative from one of the commercial movers in Frederick, MD, be sure to detail all the items they will need to move and any additional ones you may add later. Be clear with them about your requirements and determine their packing and unpacking services. Discuss any possible access restrictions or challenges they could face when moving. For example, if there is no elevator, climbing stairs is the only option. Or if your business has many fragile assets, etc.

    You should ask all the essential questions during your first consultation. While the moving company will give you an upfront estimate, the exact cost won’t be determined until all your items are loaded onto the truck/van. Be sure to ask as many questions as possible at this stage to get an accurate estimate and understand the additional fees included.

     Not Remembering to Back Up Your Data

    We live in a highly digital world; only some businesses work without large IT departments and systems. Securing data safety should be the priority when moving offices. It’s critical to have up-to-date backups and keep them safe throughout the process to minimize any potential data loss or damage. You should also have a test plan for all the IT assets. This plan should include checking all equipment and testing them to see if they are in working condition after they have been relocated. Testing will help avoid disruption and get operations running smoothly as soon as possible.

    You Don’t Have Enough Packing Materials

    When moving, the right packing materials are essential and can make the process easier. You need storage materials like boxes and bags, labeling materials such as labels and markers, and securing tools like tape. Furthermore, you might also need packing materials such as bubble wrap and foam wrap to provide extra protection during transport. You may also need scissors, a box cutter, measuring tapes, or other unpacking supplies once you reach your destination. Additionally, having furniture sliders, shoulder dolly straps, and back braces can help with heavy lifting tasks. However, purchasing all these items just for a single relocation is unwise. It can shoot up the expense significantly. That’s why when you hire professional movers in Frederick, they will have all the required resources for your relocation.

    You Don’t Have an Itemized Moving List

    When hiring a professional moving company, ensure they have a complete list of the items you wish to move. This includes evaluating the weight and size of your belongings – cupboards, drawers, office tables, IT systems, etc. Movers give price estimates based on many metrics. With a complete item list, movers can provide precise estimates and ensure all items are moved correctly.

    Not Researching Your Potential Moving Company

    When it comes time to move, many people decide to do it themselves to save money. This can be a big mistake. It is physically demanding and causes enough stress. Unless you have a lot of experience moving, hiring a professional mover is usually best. They will handle everything for you, from packing to loading to unloading. This can save you a lot of time and stress and will likely be less expensive than doing it yourself.

    Ignoring Safety Procedures

    All heavy equipment must be entrusted to experienced professionals when relocating your office. The moving company has the necessary equipment and personnel to lift, move, and load belongings onto vehicles for safe transportation. This helps moving companies avoid the potential risks that come from inadequate equipment and mishandled cables and wires of desktops, laptops, and other electronics or electrical appliances. 

    Overloading Boxes

    It’s essential to take care when packing, as overloading boxes can cause significant issues. Placing too much weight on top of a carton that contains fragile items can cause irreparable damage. Additionally, exceeding the carrying capacity of a box can lead to problems such as splitting or tearing. To ensure your items are secure and protected during transport, leave extra space in the box for cushioning with bubble wrap. Then, seal it correctly with tape. Professional moving cartons typically detail an indicated maximum loading weight. Try to stick within that range and ensure weight is evenly distributed inside each carton.

    Not Getting Moving Insurance

    An insurance plan can provide a cost-effective form of protection, safeguarding expensive items such as furniture, laptops, ACs, and other equipment from any potential damage. Professional moving companies offer insurance coverage that can help you mitigate such risks associated with relocating.

    Final Words

    Yes, professional movers will cost you money, but they ensure that your valuable office assets are relocated to the new office in perfect condition. Moving a business is challenging, and there are many factors to consider. A thoroughly professional moving company can offer you peace of mind and cost-effective relocation so that you can keep your focus on other priorities. 

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