If Maryland is known as Little America, it’s time to learn about the littlest America that resides in it: Frederick County. Famous for agriculture and seafood, the arts, and a deep Civil War history, the county has a few fun facts since its inception more than 270 years ago.

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  • Frederick, Maryland, was founded in 1745 by German settlers as “Frederick Town”.
  • According to The City of Frederick, the town “was ransomed [for $200,000] from burning during the war and became a hospital town for the wounded soldiers” from the “Civil War battlegrounds of Monocacy, Antietam and Gettysburg.”
  • Glenn Worthington, a six-year-old observer from his farm basement in Frederick County, wrote the first book-length account of the Battle of Monocacy. His book served as a catalyst for Monocacy National Battlefield being designated as a National Military Park in 1934.
  • Downtown Frederick was the site of a Civil War speech given by former U.S. President Abraham Lincoln. The speech took place at what was a train depot at the current intersection of South and Market streets.
  • Frederick is the second largest city in Maryland, following Baltimore.
  • German immigrant Johann Thomas Schley and his wife, Maria, built the first house in the county. His namesake lives on in Schley Farm Partnership Trust, Schley Park, and Schley Avenue.
  • The city’s name is often up for debate. Many believe that the likeliest candidate is Frederick Calvert, the 6th Baron of Baltimore and one of the proprietors of Maryland. Others believe the name is for Prince of Wales Frederick Lewis or Frederick “The Great” of Prussia.
  • Frederick County shares the city of Mount Airy with Carroll County.

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  • The local economy used to depend highly on the knitting, canning, tanning, and railroad industries. It was also reliant on mining gold, copper, limestone, marble, and iron.
  • The biggest employer is Fort Detrick, followed by the Frederick County Board of Education, Frederick Regional Health System, Frederick County Government, and Wells Fargo.
  • According to Frederick Real Estate Online, more than 29,000 businesses in Frederick County employ 10 or fewer people.
  • Downtown Frederick is home to more than 100 specialty shops for oil and vinegar, children’s toys and books, retro knick knacks, cheese, outdoor gear, pottery, knives, and more.
  • Frederick is the state’s largest dairy producer.
  • Farmers produce almost $100 million of agricultural products annually, according to the county Chamber of Commerce.
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There’s no doubt that Maryland, especially Frederick County, is the place to be. With a bustling arts scene, a rich history, and so much more, this county gives all others a run for its community.

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