Leaving your old house behind and moving to a new one can be an experience full of nostalgia. While moving to a new house can be exciting, relocating with toddlers in tow can be extremely challenging and stressful. From hiring the right home packaging services to babyproofing the new house, there are several things you must keep in mind while moving to your new home.

Although moving out can be downright exhausting, here are a few tips that can not only make the entire process easy but can also create a memorable experience for you and your toddlers.

Have A Plan For Moving Day

Moving to a new space is a big deal. And, moving forward without a plan can be quite challenging. Before the big day arrives, it helps to devise a plan for your toddler. To ensure that the whole process is in sync, you can start with leaving your kids with a babysitter.

Shifting to a new house can be messy, and it is no place for a toddler. It is wise to find a babysitter before the day arrives and your home is crowded with movers, especially if you are moving locally.

However, if leaving the child with a babysitter is not an option, plan everything in advance and don’t forget to include them in the process. Ask them to take care of the pet or pack their favorite blankie. When all your stuff is packed and out of your old house, bid farewell to the house with your child and record everything. This will help your kids (and you) cope better.

Make A List To Strategize Your Packing Process.

Before you actually start packing, it’s helpful to declutter your house. Separate your items and make piles accordingly. What you are keeping, and moving, What you will donate or give away and items that will be trashed or recycled. If time allows, you can even post items for sale. For more thoughts on this on decluttering and an eco-friendly move, see our blog on Tips for Making Your House Move Eco-Friendly.

When it comes to the packing process, start by making a list. Mark all the moving boxes containing your toddler’s stuffed animals and other toys in different colors. You can also put all the cookware and kitchen appliances in a separate box that can be unpacked quickly when you move into the new house.

Be Strategic About Packing Your Toddler’s Things

Pack your toddlers’ room in the end, after ensuring everything else is done. Don’t forget to involve your child in the process, too. This will boost their self-esteem and make them a part of the experience of packing and moving into a new house.

Packing by room and marking the boxes accordingly will ensure that you can set your toddler’s room up early to give them a comfortable place to be. Having their items easily accessible will make sure you have a familiar place ready in the new house.

Use Time To Your Advantage

Keep in mind that time is valuable. Especially if you have limited time to pack while your toddler is at daycare. Plan and pack things according to your priorities. Mark the essential boxes with a different color tape so you can have easy access to them once you move in.

If you are able to stretch the packing process over a few weeks, you can pack a few hours a day, so both you and your toddler have time for each other. If that isn’t possible, you may want to try hiring a family-friendly packaging service.

Be Patient With Your Child

Moving is stressful for anyone, so it’s entirely natural for your toddler to feel anxious about the move. When moving day comes, you may find that your child might have hundreds of questions.

Take time to answer all their questions patiently. Also, give them the space they need. During this process, it’s natural that your toddlers might not follow certain rules. The move might also disrupt your child’s schedule, so be ready for it.

Keep in mind that schedules may not be as tightly followed and it’s all right to take some time to unwind and take a break. Go for a walk and spend some time alone, if need be.

Partner With A Child-Friendly Moving Company

If you are moving with toddlers, try to partner with a child-friendly home packaging service. You can easily find experienced and skilled movers in Fairfax, VA and around the region.

Partnering with such a moving company will help ensure that your family’s schedule isn’t disrupted, too much. Therefore, keeping the day to day as “normal” as possible.

Ensure Safety When Moving

Moving can easily lead to mishaps, especially if you are doing the work. You should always keep a first aid kit handy. Leave the heavy lifting to the professional movers and ensure that your toddler is not alone in the house while moving. It’s helpful to keep them from playing near the moving truck and movers as they work.

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