Moving to a new city or a new home is very exciting at the same time, very stressful. Packing your belongings with care is not only time-consuming but requires skills in packing delicate and precious items. Also, handling heavy items like furniture requires help.

Hiring a packer and mover can take all your stress without you having to move a finger. Having said that, relying on an outsider is a big risk, and you would want to be sure that your belongings will be handled with extra care and will be delivered to your new home without any damage.

To ensure that the shifting process is smooth, you need to choose the right movers and packers. So, how do you choose the right movers? Mentioned below are some of the tips before you zero down on the movers.

Referrals And Online Reviews: While you can browse the internet to find out the movers and packers near you, asking for referrals from your neighbors who have moved recently can be more beneficial. You can also read companies’ reviews online on trusted sites like Google, Yelp, and the Better Business Bureau.

Find Experts: Drill the shortlisted movers for moving your precious and specialized items like a piano, gym equipment, pool table, etc. This will normally be mentioned on their website. Check specific reviews about the handling capability of such items.

Thorough Walk Through: An estimator from a renowned company will make a thorough walk by asking you the relevant questions about what you plan to take to the next house. Considering that you might have decided to donate or sell a few items, the estimator will exclude them while providing you the estimate.

Moving Inventory: The estimator from a reputed moving company will inventory all the items and belongings to determine the weight and bulk by thoroughly checking all the storage spaces like cupboards, garages, bookcases, etc. Compare the estimates from at least moving companies to ensure that the estimator is thorough and will not come up with any additional charges.

Licensed And Insured: If you are shifting to a different state, ensure to check the license issued by the US Department of Transport Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. You can easily verify the license on the government’s website. You can even perform a check on the moving company’s track record with the Better Business Bureau.

Choose the reputable company that also offers insurance. The credible companies, though, take complete care while packing and moving; you would want to take a chance of your valuable items getting damaged.

Verify The Address: You are going to rely on the moving company with all your belongings that you have made over a period of time. Ensuring the authenticity of the company is your right. If possible, visit their office to verify their address. You can also check if the company is listed with BBB with the same address.

Deposits: While choosing the moving company, confirm if you will have to pay a deposit amount and how much. Reputed companies don’t ask for a deposit amount; even if they do, the amount will be very small. Ensure to make an electronic payment for records. Never pay in cash and do not pay huge deposits. You are relying on them with your valuable belongings.

Conclusion: Choosing the right movers in Maryland might take some time so it is better to start early. However, this small exercise will take a much bigger burden off your shoulder and will keep the excitement of moving to a new home intact. Follow the rule of three and take a minimum of three quotes before finalizing your movers and packers.

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