Moving is a stressful task. It’s even more challenging when you hire an unreliable moving company.. Suppose you search the internet, look at ads or promotional materials for a credible moving company in Frederick MD, or a commercial moving company. In that case, you may encounter so-called “professional” movers who can provide low-cost estimates.

Don’t be a victim of rogue movers! You have to remember specific things to avoid when hiring a moving company. Keep in mind that quality guarantees come with price transparency, top-notch customer service, and genuine dedication to meet your needs. Here are a few tips to help you plan your move seamlessly. 

Book In Advance

You might think it’s easy to find reliable movers within days or immediately on the day of your move. However, not all reputable companies have availability throughout the year on short notice; most rely on pre-bookings from clients months before relocating their homes or business premises.

The less time you have left before your move-in day without pre-booking, a commercial moving company only gives you limited options – leaving out options with excellent customer reviews and high reputation.

A friend once shared her terrible experience booking only two weeks ahead of her relocation schedule. She ended up hiring new inexperienced trainees who lacked knowledge in the proper handling of fragile items like art collections and expensive furniture pieces due to a lack of available slots from reputable moving companies!

Don’t be Too Quick to Hire a Company

Be patient but don’t procrastinate! The process is vital because it affects every aspect of your move. Don’t rush into choosing blindly after researching an hour or two looking for quick fixes.

Keep this thought firmly stamped on your mind: finding highly-rated & trustworthy companies requires an efficient research process!

Take your time researching! Review several websites/forums for feedback about the companies you are considering working with and inquire about questioned areas that concern you. Check customer reviews; it will give you insights into the organization that conducts its business.

By carefully going through multiple options, instead of hiring a moving company immediately, increase your chances of a great experience by selecting a company that is reliable, trustworthy, skilled in commercial relocation, and values clients’ needs & money.

Do Not Accept Verbal Estimates

Beware of fraudulent companies taking advantage of customers via estimates over the phone. If someone offers an estimate without physically seeing what items or belongings need moving on your property – be skeptical!

You can only get an accurate evaluation using mathematical guesses if you adequately prepare inventory lists explicitly tailored to suit specific items to relocate. This lack of preparation only widens opportunities for hidden costs to pile up on top of your initial payment, from supposedly hidden packing materials costs down to unwarranted fuel surcharges.

Inquire if quotes are purely based on weight—since fraudulent carriers may offer surprisingly less because they underestimate furniture weights (sometimes intentionally).  

Always ask for written quotations on all fronts where price changes may occur, i.e., bulk goods.

Informal verbal agreements hold no place here! You deserve no surprises while relocating homes or offices—the preparedness keeps things methodical rather than chaotic and financially unreasonable.

Don’t ask about extra charges

Some deceitful movers inflate their prices after they start moving your items; they “discover” reasons for additional expenses that were not part of the initial quotation estimate earlier provided before signing a contract.

Examples include the imposition of stairs charges when delivering bulky objects up the floor’s flight and carrying heavy luggage more than 75 feet away from trucks transporting cargo. Another example is charging extra for the packing material for moving delicate items or heirlooms. Such exorbitant fees could significantly increase the costs of your move, sometimes resulting in up to over 20% more than what was initially quoted.

The trick here is simple: don’t just ask about added fees; ensure they’re in written contract documents before work starts. You know exactly what you’re paying for!

Doing so may feel discomforting or discourteous, given that an agreed contract ideally entails total trust between both parties. However, if a realistic budget is crucial on your end and the company you hire cannot operate within its scope, being solely honest with all possible additional costs ahead of time immediately eliminates any haggling while providing peace of mind throughout the moving process.

Research Your Moving Company

After carefully comparing different options and negotiating fair prices & contracts – you might miss out on looking into the company’s history.

This mistake could wipe out previous preparedness attempts due to a lack of consideration towards each company’s reputation before making a final selection regarding your moving needs in Frederick MD.

Trustworthy companies, especially interstate movers, often take their reputation seriously enough to have dedicated countermeasures against distrustful online fraudulent trends like posting positive fake comments about themselves (Beware if there are no “below-average” reviews at all)

Final Thoughts

Relocating homes can be quite stressful; it comes with the added concerns about hiring the best company amongst hundreds offering similar services, by following these steps explained above, as well as relying on instinctual instincts present during evaluations – it should become much simpler/natural choosing seasoned local specialists instead of faceless movers who solely care about maximized cash earnings – leaving clients with shattered belongings and lasting regret.

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