The day you decide that you have to move to a new city, especially in a different state, you start experiencing a range of emotions. There is an excitement of moving to a new place, for work or for starting a new chapter of your life. At the same time builds up the stress of packing, unpacking, moving,etc.

To prepare well and in a planned manner, you need to calm down, gather yourself and start making two checklists. One can be the inventory of your belongings that can clearly have the sub-heads like: to be moved, to be donated, to be sold, and to be discarded. The other one can be the checklist that entails the logistic and timelines required to ensure a smooth movement.

Making an inventory list can be managed by being a little organized. Mentioned below are some of the timelines and checklist to accomplish the later checklist above:

Budget: Moving is expensive especially if it is a long distance one. Determine your budget well in advance. Speak to different movers and packers to get the estimates. You must start this process at least two to three months in advance.

Moving Company: Ask for referrals of the reliable movers from your recently shifted neighbors or colleagues. Search for reliable interstate moving companies. Read the reviews, ask for quotes from at least three moving companies, verify their address and license from BBB and similar websites, check if they provide insurance, if the company has the facility of in-between storage, if required, etc. Shortlisting and finalizing a reliable moving company is a time consuming task thus should be done at least two to three months in advance. This will also save you from last minute hassles of non availability of the reliable movers and you might have to settle for less.

Clean & Declutter: This is the best time to clean and get rid of the clutter you might have collected. Start segregating the required, not required and want to keep stuff well in advance, at least 30-45 days before the final moving date. This will provide you sufficient time to put up and plan for garage sale or finding the buyers online for the stuff that you do not need any more but are in working condition and in good shape. Also, you get ample time to drop the stuff segregated for donation. These activities will help in decluttering and cleaning along with reducing the bulk that needs to be transported. Will greatly help you in budgeting as well.

Even if you are hiring the complete service package that includes packing, moving and unpacking at a new place, start getting rid of the items that cannot cross the state line because of federal law. Items like fertilizers, ammonia, liquid bleach, propane tanks etc. Clear off these things at least a week before you move out from the current home.

Box To Unbox First: Segregate the stuff that you would require as soon as you reach your new home. Unpacking and arranging the complete home might take a week or more but you will need the basic things like toiletries, a pair of clothes, snacks, coffee maker, etc from the time you land in your home. You can segregate a few things 2-3 weeks in advance and rest can be included in the checklist to pack at the last moment. Ensure to pack your valuable jewellery, and important documents yourself in a separate box and if possible, carry it along instead of sending it through movers.

Conclusion: Shifting to a new place can bring in a mix of emotions from excitement to stress and interstate movements are not something most people do everyday. There sure will be jitters till the last minute yet planning the move thoroughly and hiring a reliable moving company frederick md can help you ease the process and can relieve you from the stress of shifting at least to some extent.

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