Are you planning to move anytime soon? If yes, you’d know moving a heavy item is not an easy job. The era when you could move everything with your BFF in a van is long gone. From dismantling the piano to moving it and installing it, it’s okay to feel overwhelmed.

But there’s definitely something you can do to relieve the stress and relocate without any hassle. To help you move a piano without losing your mind, we have compiled some tips in this blog.

Measure The Space

First, to make sure your piano fits in the new place, measure the instrument’s dimensions and the hallways, doorways & stairways. You don’t want to stretch your moving process because you didn’t take the measurements beforehand.

Depending on the size of the piano, you will have varying moving needs. You may need assistance dismantling the piano.

Gather Supplies For The Job

If you safely want to move the piano, you must have the right moving supplies. You can’t risk harming yourself or the instrument. If you are moving it yourself, it’s important to be prepared.

Here are some of the supplies to gather:

  • Work gloves
  • Tape
  • Plastic Wrap
  • Piano dollies
  • Dolly straps
  • Piano board
  • Straps – weight lifting and moving
  • Ramp
  • Padding to protect the piano

Determine The Size Of Moving Containers

Based on the size of your piano, estimate the size of the moving pods and containers you need. Call local moving companies, Bethesda, MD, to get free estimates.

That said, based on the size of the piano, verify the size of moving trucks or pods you need to hire. Also, ensure to hire storage trucks from a moving company that offers the best deal.

Clear The Paths

Before you start moving, make sure the path is clear from all obstructions. The last thing you want is tripping over the potted plants in your gallery. That said, it’s a good idea to remove any things in the way that may break or damage during the move.

Furthermore, to make sure the move goes smoothly, review the path you are taking.

Wrap The Piano

Be it upright or grand, you must carefully wrap the piano before the move.

If you have an upright piano, cushion every piece of the instrument and wrap it all together. If you have a grand piano, disassemble the parts and then pad & cling wrap all the pieces separately.

Hire Reliable Moving Professionals

While you may be tempted to move your piano yourself and save some money, but let us say it out loud, moving a piano is not an easy job. It takes more than three to four people to move a piano. Some people will have to lift it while others will have to guide them. And while your friends & family may help, no one can do it better than the professionals.

So, rather than risking your injury or damage to the piano by moving yourself, we’d suggest you hire a professional moving company in Maryland. Not only do local movers have immense experience, but they also have the right moving supplies and techniques to move heavy, fragile items carefully. This means you won’t have to worry about buying moving supplies.

Here you have them – Steps to take when moving a piano.

Just remember every move is different, so the equipment/ supplies you will need for the job may vary from the kind of piano to its size. So, be prepared.

Hopefully, this article helped you!

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