Are your aging parents moving to independent living or nursing home? If that’s true, chances are you would have to pitch in and help them through the moving process.

Senior citizens or not, moving to a new house can be a rollercoaster ride, full of emotions and nostalgia. You might have spent your entire childhood in your elderly parent’s house, and now that they are moving, it’s pretty normal to feel emotional.

You would have to hire professionals, senior move managers, and a well-rated moving services company to help you with the move. And, if they are moving into an assisted living facility, you would have to find the right senior community before the relocation.

So, if you are wondering how you can help senior citizens move, continue reading for useful tips.

Sort and Organize Before You Begin Packing

It would be easier to declutter the home before starting the actual process and hire professional packers. Take out your possessions and look for any unwanted belongings. It’s best to downsize possessions if you have a lot of useless things in your home. To start with the decluttering process, you can divide everything into four categories- For New House, For Donation, For Throwing Away, and For Friends/Family.

Getting rid of unwanted belongings will help you make your parent’s new space feel bigger and more breathable. Moreover, it will make unpacking easier.

From Little Things, Big Things Grow

Moving your whole house to a new location can be a major task, especially if you are helping your aging relatives or parents relocate. They can be cranky from time to time, and you might end up procrastinating because of a long to-do list.

So, instead of trying to conquer the whole process, start small. Hire professional packers where the services offered are focused on helping senior citizens move. Furthermore, break down the entire task into smaller parts and try to complete them one at a time.

Allow Plenty Of Time

Packing is not the only thing one has to take care of when moving to a new house. In fact, you have to consider every little aspect like hiring the right senior move manager, choosing a suitable energy provider, and getting in touch with reliable relocation services like Blake & Sons in time.

To do things successfully, make sure you allow yourselves plenty of time to think and make the right decisions. Moreover, during the move, make sure you follow certain safety considerations and space planning.

Put Together A Care Box For The Move

When moving, incidents are bound to occur. Moreover, it might be possible that the senior citizen you’re helping is on certain medications that have to be taken at fixed intervals. For this, it is important you put together a box that contains everything from gauges to their pills. This will keep the older adults calm and make the process easier for you.

Call In Help Of Others If You Can

Unless you ask for help, you won’t realize how readily it is available. You can get help from your family members, relatives, friends, etc., to manage the entire process. They don’t always have to do the hard work. Just running errands and spending time with the senior citizen could be sufficient.

You can look for senior move managers by searching Fairfax, VA movers in your vicinity. It would be helpful to get in touch with a moving company offering dependable services at affordable prices.

Have Fun With It. Reminisce and Celebrate

Though hiring the right senior move managers and project management can be a big decision, helping seniors move need not be a gruesome task. So, in between heavy packing sessions and sorting things out, bid adieu to your childhood home. This will help your elderly parents avoid relocation stress syndrome and help them achieve a healthy and active lifestyle.


So, you see, it’s not that hard leaving your home behind and moving to a new one. With the right decisions and precautionary measures, you can make the move easy, safe, and comfortable for the elderly.

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