Planning Is Your Friend.

The hardest part of moving is the heavy lifting.  Make it easier on yourself by doing lots of planning ahead of time to ensure the move goes smoothly.  Use a calendar to set milestones for getting certain rooms packed.  Make a list of companies to contact to either turn on or off your gas, electric, or phone service.  Notify your creditors and update the US Postal Service with your new address.

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Don’t move what you don’t use.

Take some time prior to the move to take inventory of your possessions and determine if you’ll need all of it in your new place.  Just before a move is a great time to hold a yard sale!  Items that are no longer used but are still in good shape can help you raise some money towards the moving budget.  It will also save you time and effort so you don’t bring them with you to the new house, just to decide to throw them out later.  Don’t have time for a yard sale?  You can list items for sale online at sites like Craigslist, or look into donating items, especially to organizations that you can schedule a pickup to make your donation even more convenient!

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Inventory & Pictures

Especially if you are hiring someone to pack and move your items for you, it is essential that you take inventory of your items in every room!  An average three-bedroom home will have approximately 100 various sized boxes that must be moved, and you can’t possibly remember everything that you put in each one. Create an inventory of your belongings helps you pack items in a way that makes sense and will allow you to find items with ease. There are apps for your phone that make inventories a breeze!  It is a great idea to take pictures of your valuables, to show their condition prior to the move in the event you have to submit an insurance claim for damage.  

Important Documents And An Essential Box

An essentials box, is, well, essential!  This will be a box that you keep separate from all the others, and will help you get through the first day at your new home.  Be sure to pack items like paper plates, paper towels, trash bags, reusable water bottles, bathroom essentials and toiletries so you can shower (and don’t forget a shower curtain!), a change of clothes for the next day, sheets and blankets for beds and charging cables for your essential electronics like phones and laptops. You should also include any necessary medicine as well as important documents that you don’t want to risk losing, like wills, insurance policies, passports, birth and marriage certificates. 

Plan For Kids And Pets

Whenever possible, it’s a great idea to get someone to look after your dog and young children away from the hustle and bustle of moving day.  See if grandma can watch the little ones for the afternoon. This will free you up from having to worry if they’ll be in the way or get hurt while everything is moving around them.  Keep at least a few of the kids’ toys out and put them on the moving truck last so they have something to do while the adults are busy. Send Fido to a doggie daycare for an afternoon of play if possible, or to a neighbor’s house, to keep them out from underfoot, and without the worry of them escaping the yard while the door and fence are wide open. Be sure to put a new tag on their collar with updated information in case they get loose during the move and make sure their microchip information is updated!  Lastly, be aware that pets and kids will feel the stress of the move, so take some time to give hugs and reassurance during this time.

Of course, the internet is chock full of information to help you make the most of your moving day with complete lists to help ensure you don’t forget a single thing!

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