Usually, moving into a new house or office space is exciting. On the other hand, the actual process of moving? Not so much. A few things in the world will test your patience and planning, like moving will. Tears will be shed, and a few muscles will be pulled. It’s all part of the fun.

But it’s possible to make this tedious process somewhat bearable with planning and organizing everything in advance. From hiring the right moving company in Rockville, MD, to selecting the right moving date, having everything sorted will save you from many troubles on the day of the move. One another thing that you should keep on the top of your list is utilities. In this post, we’re sharing a brief guide to manage your utilities when you’re moving. Let’s begin.

Start Early

Unlike packing boxes, utilities aren’t something that you can just pick up on your way back from work. You should start at least three to four weeks before the moving day. Instead of running around like a headless chicken, get all documents and bills pertaining to utilities in order.

Prepare A Checklist

Making a list is a foolproof way to ensure you don’t forget anything. Start by preparing a checklist of all the utilities you currently have. The basic utilities include electricity, gas, internet, water, cable, garbage pick up, and home security. This list should comprise the provider’s name, contact information, and any other additional details.

Once you have the checklist handy, check out whether your current utility providers operate in your new neighborhood. If they don’t or if you aren’t happy with the services, look for new providers. Moving is a good time to look for new retailers. Search the web for top utility providers in your area. Make sure to hire the ones with the best rating and best rates.

Cancel Unwanted Utilities

Moving homes or offices is an ideal time to deep dive into your present utility consumption. Are your internet services more than what you need? Is your new apartment complex equipped with a garbage chute? Take such factors into consideration for canceling unwanted utilities and enjoy the savings.

Pay Outstanding Balance

When you decide to cancel utility services, try your best to pay any outstanding bills as soon as possible. Missing a payment can impact your credit score, so make sure you’ve paid all due bills.

Note Final Meter Readings

A couple of days before the move, note the final meter readings to make sure there are no disparities and avoid being overcharged by providers.

Utilities, especially power and water, aren’t expendable even for a day.

Inform Your Utility Providers Before You Move

If you plan on transferring current utilities to the new home, notify all utility providers a few weeks in advance. Update your billing and mailing address. Also, make sure to ask them to set up connections before you call movers Bethesda, MD for the final move. You don’t want to move into a house with no gas, water, or electricity connection.

We hope this guide assists you in effectively managing your utilities.

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