Whether you are packing up a studio apartment or a three-bedroom house, moving is a time-consuming and exhausting process. And things can quickly turn for the worse if you have little ones running around.

But with some careful planning and proactive measures, you can make relocating with kids bearable. If you are planning to move soon, here are some useful times to ensure everything goes according to plan.

    1. Communicate

Moving houses may not be a big deal to you, but it can be for your child. The transition can be hard on them, especially because they are leaving their friends, neighborhood, and school behind. That’s why it’s important to talk to them about the move. It would also be helpful to take them to their new neighborhood and house.

    1. Start Early

You’re overestimating your skills if you think you can pack and move everything in a couple of weeks. Trust us, you likely own a lot more stuff than you realize. Rather than panicking at the last minute, we recommend starting at least a few months before the moving date.

    1. Declutter

Even if your new house has enough space, it’s not a good idea to pack and bring every single thing you own. Look at this move as an opportunity to declutter and get rid of things you no longer need. You can host a garage sale, sell or donate such things online.

    1. Pack When They’re Sleeping

It’s impossible to get anything done when you have spirited toddlers jumping around. Therefore, the best time to get most of the packing out of the way is when they are sleeping or at school. If they are old enough, you can ask them to help you out with simple tasks like taking out the trash or taping up boxes.

    1. Label Meticulously

Apart from packing and moving, unpacking is an equally cumbersome task. And after an exhausting day of moving, the last thing you want is your kid crying for their blankie or favorite toy. Instead of rummaging through all the boxes and getting frustrated, we suggest labeling everything to avoid such a problem.

    1. Involve Professional Movers

DIY moves are doable, but not when you are also looking after kids. For a stress-free move, it would be best to involve experienced movers in Fairfax, VA.

Blake & Sons is a reputable moving company that offers customized residential relocation services at affordable prices.

    1. Get a Babysitter

There is no shame in seeking extra help for the move. So don’t shy away from asking your friends and family to babysit your children. In case you don’t have family around, you can also hire a babysitter. If possible, ask them to take the kids out of the house so that you can pack in peace.

    1. Pack an Essentials Bag

It will take time to unpack everything and organize your new home. In the meantime, you need certain essentials to make it through the night. You should pack an essentials bag with a spare change of clothes, toiletries, snacks, kid’s toys, pet food, scissors, and so on.

Moving to a new house can be difficult for kids who have become familiar with their current lifestyle. That’s why it’s crucial to look after their emotional well-being and ensure their comfort at every step of the way.  Telling them what’s going on instead of keeping them in the dark about the move is the better approach.

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