Moving into a new house is an exhilarating experience but also stressful. It’s normal to have some concerns. So, we’ve put together 8 common moving scenarios to help you prepare for what might be coming your way.

1. The Home Isn’t Move-In Ready

There is nothing more gut-wrenching than packing and moving to a new house only to find out that it isn’t move-in ready. Some visible signs of an unready house are unpainted walls, incomplete repairs, roofing issues, HVAC and plumbing system issues, unfinished touches around the house, pest infestation, and so on.

2. Bad Weather

Bad weather is the most common issue most people face when relocating to a new house. This situation becomes worse if you’re moving out of the state. It could lead to delays and damage your wooden furniture, devices, and other essential items.

While bad weather is not anything one can control, you can try your best to avoid the same. Ensure you track the weather forecast for the coming weeks or months while putting together your moving plan.

3. Inexperienced Moving Company

Another bad moving scenario can be hiring an inexperienced moving company. Hiring an inexperienced company may lead to late arrival, loading, and unloading problems or damage to your belongings. They might even make mistakes such as bringing a truck too small for your belongings.

To avoid it all, ensure that you research beforehand by checking the company’s website and reviews. You should choose highly-rated companies such as Blake & Sons to avoid doing a ton of research if you’re in a time crunch.

4. Mechanical Issues

Mechanical issues, including a vehicle breakdown, can cause unnecessary delays on your moving day. Moving companies often call for backup vehicles to ensure that the client goes smoothly. In Bethesda, MD, movers have routine checkups for their trucks and equipment year-round. Hire a reputed moving company that takes such precautions to avoid delays.

5. Utilities Not Set Up

Not having your utilities set up at the new place is the worst! You can avoid this problem by speaking to the utility companies beforehand and moving your services to the new place.

6. Accidents Or Injuries

Accidents or injuries can occur if you try to do the heavy lifting yourself. If you’ve hired experienced movers, let them do the moving and unloading of furniture, kitchen equipment, and other belongings.

7. Missing Or Damaged Items

Another scenario that can potentially ruin your moving day is missing or damaged belongings. Your items may be damaged because of careless loading and unloading, bumpy and uneven roads, or irresponsible packing.

8. Losing Important Documents

When moving to a new place, documents are essential not to lose. Losing them would be a problem. So, keep your official documents, lease, personal financial documents, passports, or other identification certificates handy at all times.

Some things are out of your control on moving day, even if you plan things beforehand. So just do your best when planning and involve experienced movers.

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