While moving to a new place, you are already surrounded by many expenses, so hiring a professional mover may seem like an additional expense. 

With the same mindset, many of us hire the cheapest possible movers for the job and then spend more money than expected. What seems beneficial initially can become the biggest financial mistake one can make. 

Finding the right moving company within our budget may seem like a hassle. Thus, many people look for the cheapest one, but it is a colossal mistake that one should never make. For a better understanding, here are seven reasons hiring the cheapest movers can be a bad decision.

Moving Scams

Moving to a different city or state is already stressful enough. Still, you might need to look out for potential scams, which makes hiring a reliable moving company even more difficult. Moving scams are of many different kinds, and each one is more stressful than the other. 

Moving companies that offer you prices that seem too good to be true are more likely to be scams. They may never show up for the job; worse, you may never get your belongings delivered to your new address. 

While searching for cheap movers in Fairfax, VA, you will find many companies with different prices. Most of them will have prices in the same range with slight differences. But, if you find a moving company that offers way lower pricing for the service than any other available option, you need to take a step back and contemplate the authenticity of that company. 

Hidden Costs

Moving companies may offer you low prices for their service to close the deal. Even if they are not a complete scam, the hidden charges are no better, as they will shoot up the amount initially offered. So, if a moving company offers you a relatively lower price than its competitors, ask for a complete breakdown of the entire amount, and pay close attention to any hidden costs. 

Ask questions to ensure you are not surprised by the final billing amount, as many residential moving companies entice you by offering a lower price but end up charging you more for the service. Movers holding onto people’s belongings until they clear their outstanding dues is common. So be aware of moving companies that present you with a too-good-to-be-true picture. 

Inexperienced Moving Crew

There is always a reason for a service to be cheap, and it is always the capabilities of the people handling it. If the reason behind the shoddy service is the inexperienced staff, you should take a step back because the cost of your furniture or any damages may be more than expected.

If their moving crew is neither trained nor experienced enough, you are putting your valuables at risk of damage or mishandling. 

Insurance and Accountability

Does your hired residential moving company have insurance? If not, consider the one that does, as you would want to hold the moving company accountable in case of a mishap leading to damage to furniture or any personal belongings. 

If the moving company is not insured, any damage can become your responsibility, and you can pay more than expected. Most cheap companies are uninsured, and holding them accountable for damaged or missing items can become more complex.

While moving to another residence is already costly, you don’t want to pay for fixing or replacing your furniture. Hiring a moving company with insurance will ensure your belongings are protected. 


Although the cost of a service is not necessarily related to the quality of the service, it is still common to see cheap moving companies offering subpar services. Also, moving requires a lot of heavy lifting, so good-quality equipment is needed. A company that doesn’t possess such facilities will not correctly handle your belongings. The staff is also underpaid. Thus, the quality of work also suffers. 

The cheap amount will reflect many other crucial aspects like packaging materials and transportation. So, it is evident that a cheap moving company will provide low-quality service.

Bad Customer Service

Customer service is a crucial aspect in any form of business, and it is a fact that you will experience bad customer service from a cheap moving company. 

A cheap moving company will likely cut corners in most aspects, with customer service being the first to showcase the same. So, if you don’t want to wait to hear from your moving company for updates and queries, avoid hiring a cheap moving company. 

With a decent mover, you will have a support staff that will help you in every stage of moving and packing. It will have a dedicated team of customer support executives answering questions.


Another aspect that will reflect “you get what you paid for” is the mover’s professionalism. Sometimes you pay for the professionalism of the mover and nothing. The cheapest company is never professional with their work and won’t have a well-structured plan for moving and shifting your belongings. Things will never be done on time or in a professional manner. 

From keeping you updated through the process to driving safely and being careful about your belongings, a professional moving company will possess all those qualities you will not find in a cheap one. If you want peace of mind, thinking your belongings are safe and secure during the transit, consider hiring a professional moving company and not one based just on the pricing. 


Hiring a professional mover is not easy, especially when you are on a tight budget. But basing your decision on an affordability factor can be more stressful and costly. So to get the best commercial moving service and a decent experience, avoid hiring the cheapest option. Because, remember it is cheap for a reason, and your belongings hold a lot of value to you, whether emotionally or monetarily. The cheapest one may cost you more than you can expect. 


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