Moving your office to a new location is a huge business decision. It also involves a lot of planning and consideration. On top of this complex process, choosing the right commercial moving company is a different ball game.

The right moving company can make the entire process of moving a lot easier for you. That is why you must pay attention when choosing a moving company. If you need help figuring out where to start your search, here are five expert tips for selecting the right commercial moving company.

Do Your Research

If you live in Frederick, MD, the first step in choosing a Frederick moving company is doing your research. You can start research online. You will come across many different companies, as there are many in Frederick. You can list them all down. Another great way to kick-start your research is to seek recommendations from family and friends. Start your research with your social circle; they will have plenty of suggestions.

While researching, you must establish certain criteria to find the right moving company. For starters, check out if the moving company you are considering is licensed. The next step is to check if they have insurance if things go south and some of your belongings get damaged in transition. All these factors will help you select the right moving company and make your research much more manageable with better clarity. An important tip is to set up a budget before moving forward with your research, as it will help you narrow down all your options and minimize the confusion of selecting the final one.

Online Reviews

Online reviews are a great way to judge the credibility of a moving company and the quality of its services. While searching for the right commercial moving company, you will encounter many commercial movers with attractive prices and branding. Still, the reviews will paint the actual picture of the quality and credibility of their service. That is why you need to pay close attention to this tip and start checking the reviews of the companies on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and other reviewing platforms.

While checking out the reviews of these moving companies, keep in mind that no company will have a perfect rating or score. But a good rating will be very apparent. Reviews are a great way to choose the right residential or office moving company. Based on the fact that others had a satisfactory experience with the services of a company, there is a high chance you will too.

Service Offerings

The chosen office moving company will offer more than just a moving service. A storage facility or warehouse is a crucial facility or amenity that a commercial moving company should offer. Not everything can be transported simultaneously, or your new office may not have enough space for everything, especially if you are downsizing the office. Therefore it is vital to have a storage facility to ensure your belongings are safe and secure.

So while searching for the right commercial mover, pay attention to the company’s other services, which include packing, storage facility, real-time shipping updates, and more. Inspect the packing materials they are using beforehand to avoid damaging your possessions during the transition. Also, ask about the additional charges for the storage facility and whether they are included in the final quote.


Another great way to judge a commercial moving company’s credibility is by closely examining its portfolio. The qualities of a moving company will be apparent in its portfolio and client testimonials. If a commercial mover has worked in the industry for many years, they are more likely well versed in their job. Past experience and background are excellent indicators of quality service. Therefore, while selecting the right commercial moving company, consider past clients’ experience and case studies to make the right decision. The background of any moving company should be filled with accolades and responsible behavior. The proof should be apparent with online reviews, client testimonials, and the company’s experience in the field. Each year of experience determines their credibility because they must do something right if they are in business for that long.

Verify the Availability of Your Moving Date

Before finalizing the right commercial moving company, you need to verify the availability of your moving date. A good office moving company could be booked for the entire month, so finding a slot is tricky. That is why you need to start planning early and decide on the moving date beforehand to select a moving company with a precise date in mind. You can also be flexible with your moving date, allowing you to choose between different moving companies.

While researching for a commercial mover, check with the company if they are available on your desired moving date. Confirming this beforehand is crucial to ensure everything is clear and timely. You are already dealing with downtime. Therefore, you can not delay the entire process of moving your office.

Secure the Quote

Once you have come up with a few good options after thorough research, it is time to secure quotes from different commercial moving companies for comparison based on your budget and their affordability. Seek out multiple quotes from other moving companies to make a final choice. Although, do pay close attention to each quote and check for hidden charges. Ensure the quoted price is final and mention every service with complete transparency on their charges.


Selecting the right commercial moving company is a complex process. Start by conducting thorough research and move forward after considering their online reviews and the services they offer. Take a closer look at their background, past experience, similar office moving projects, and client testimonials. Confirm the availability for the moving date. After you have narrowed your best options, request a detailed quote to make the right decision based on your budget.

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