Moving to a new place is an exciting yet stressful time. From packing to moving, each aspect requires a lot of planning and understanding of how things work. 

Getting excited about moving to a new place is understandable. You are making a huge change in your life, whether moving internationally or domestically. But the most crucial part of moving to a new place is moving your belongings. Hiring professionals for this aspect is always better, as they are more than equipped to handle all kinds of moving jobs.

While hiring a moving company, you need to consider many important factors. Here are ten qualities you need to consider when hiring a moving company. 

Licensed Professional Movers

When choosing an interstate moving company, licensing is a crucial factor that needs your utmost attention. The right moving company will have all the appropriate licenses and registrations. You must check for all the certifications to ensure your precious belongings are safe. 

An adequate moving company will possess the necessary license, like movers in Maryland will have the license and registration to operate in Maryland and the nearby areas. 


Apart from having the right certifications, the moving company will also need insurance so you are covered in case of a mishap from the moving company’s end.

The best moving company will understand the sentiments attached to your belongings. Therefore they will ensure you are compensated in an inevitable situation where your belongings may be lost or damaged. 


Communication and complete transparency are crucial factors to consider when choosing a moving company. The right moving company will understand this and offer ways for you to communicate through the moving process. 

So if you are looking for the best movers, you need to assess their skills, reputation, and the fact that they offer an open and transparent way of communication. If you require constant updates about the schedule and need to track the moving company with your belongings, then it is an important factor you certainly can not ignore. 

Packing Materials

The right moving company will protect and secure your personal belongings by having high-quality packing materials in bulk. They consider the fragility of an object while packing it. Suppose an object is made of glass, ceramic, or other fragile material. In that case, the moving company needs extra care and packing materials to ensure it doesn’t get damaged during the transition. 

While looking for professional movers, inspect their packing services and the quality of their packing materials. Ensure your delicate belongings are packed with the right packing material to avoid in-transit damage or breakage. 

Good Reviews

Online reviews are the best and most effective way to find a service. A moving company that has good online reviews will likely be better at providing hassle-free moving services. Also, look for recommendations from your social circle. Your family and friends will suggest the best moving company based on their experience. 

The best moving company in Rockville will have the best reviews. It is an important quality that you can use in your favor to find the right one. 

No Hidden Costs

Not just in communication, a commercial moving company will also be transparent regarding its fee. While comparing the prices between different moving companies, ensure there are no hidden charges. 

Many inadequate moving companies do not provide transparent invoices. Thus, you must choose a moving company that maintains transparency in its payment structure. 

Experience and Trained Professionals

A moving company with 20 years of experience will be more likely to be better than a company that has started out. Also, a commercial moving company will have well-trained professionals on its team handling your precious belongings.

Ensure the workers employed by the chosen moving and packing company have undergone the required training in packing, loading, unloading, and arranging products carefully. 

Storage Facility

Moving and storage go hand in hand, and the right moving company will also provide warehouse and storage services. This service ensures customers’ belongings are safe and secure until they are ready to move into their new space. Most companies offer this service at a cost added to their overall payment structure. 

Customer Testimonials

To find a trusted moving company, you need to check out the testimonials of their previous clients. If a customer has a good experience with the packing and moving company, the chances are high that you will too. If its past clients don’t have any good things to say about them, you must ignore it and look for a company with good and trustful client testimonials. 

Affordable Rates

Last but not least, the right moving company for you is the one that you can afford within your budget. The pricing needs to be economical, as moving into a new space is already costly. 

Professional movers need to keep their rates affordable and within the budget of their customers. A good company will provide services according to the trends while maintaining quality and affordability.

Final Words

While looking for a moving company, consider these important qualities. The right company will communicate every detail of the process with utmost transparency. It should be within your budget and provide a storage facility to keep your belongings safe and secure. The entire payment process should be smooth and well-structured without any hidden costs that can dent your pockets. Ask for recommendations and check out their online reviews to find the right one. Blake & Sons Moving and Storage Inc. has all these qualities to ensure the proper moving and packing of your belongings. 

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